What is OSHO Kundalini Meditation?

What is OSHO Kundalini Active Meditation


This meditation is best done at sunset or in the late afternoon. Active meditation incorporates movements so you can easily reach higher level of consciousness and relaxation as well as feel bliss and joy. Shaking and dancing are two of the best ways to reduce stress by removing any blockages in your body and mind. Then in the Standing and Sitting stages the energy can flow and you can feel bliss and joy. The meditation is to be done with its specific Meditation music, which indicates and energetically supports the different stages.

The meditation lasts one hour and has four stages. The meditation is over when you hear three gong beats.

First Stage: 15 minutes 
Shake- Be loose and let your whole body shake, feeling the energies moving up from your feet. Let go everywhere and become the shaking. 
Your eyes may be open or closed.

Second Stage: 15 minutes 
Dance – any way you feel, and let the whole body move as it wishes. 
Your eyes may be open or closed.

Third Stage: 15 minutes 
Close your eyes and be still, sitting or standing – witnessing whatever is happening inside and out.

Fourth Stage: 15 minutes 
Keeping your eyes closed, lie down and be still.

In the fourth stage you may choose to remain sitting if you wish.

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