What is Qi Gong?

What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong has its roots in ancient Chinese culture dating back more than 4,000 years ago. Qi means life force energy and Gong means skill. Qi Gong is to be able to improve, control and enhance your life force energy through movements, postures, breathing techniques and meditation. Once you master this skill you will be able to reduce stress, increase your energy levels, heal yourself and others, improve creativity, prevent illness and disease, prolong aging, enhance effectiveness in martial arts and attain enlightenment.


The main segments of Qi Gong are:

  1. Traditional Chinese medicine of preventive and curative functions
  2. Confucian to promote longevity and improve moral character
  3. Daoism and Buddhism as part of meditative practice
  4. Chinese martial arts to enhance self defending abilities


Practices vary from soft to dynamic practices. In the soft end you can find Tai Chi and in the more dynamic end you will find Shaolin Kung Fu. However, one of the unique characteristics of Qi Gong is that can be practiced by all age groups. Children can benefit by developing increased concentration, workers by reducing stress, seniors by preventing illnesses and have a greater energy.When you do daily Qi Gong you will be able to maintain good health, heal your body, calm your mind and awaken your spirit.


Maintain Health

By practicing Qi Gong you will be able to obtain mental and spiritual calmness that will lead you to a healthier life since you will be able to cope with emotional and mental stress. When you are stressed your Qi gets blocked so it does not flow easily through your body and that makes you sick. For example, depression can cause stomach ulcers, anger can cause liver malfunction, sadness tightens the lungs and fear can affect the kidneys and bladder. In order to prevent these illnesses Qi Gong teaches you how to relax and calm your mind. When your mind is calm then your Qi can flow and keep you healthy and balanced.


Cure Sickness

Some Chinese doctors found that there is a relationship between movements and staying healthy or even curing yourself. When your Qi is blocked for a prolonged period that can cause physical damage of the organs. By practicing daily Qi Gong you ensure that your Qi always flows so can prevent illnesses. Certain Qi Gong movements can also be effective in curing diseases or even accelerating recovery.


Prolong Life

Buddhists and Daoists  that have understood how nature is working they have been able to  lengthen their lives by reducing the degeneration of organs using Qi Gong practices. Many Buddhists and Daoists have lived more than 150 years. One of the techniques they used is Marrow/Brain Washing Qi Gong. Bone marrow produces most of your blood cells and by keeping it healthy by using Qi Gong can nourish your organs and slow the degeneration process. This requires hard training and for many years but it is possible.


Martial Arts

Martial artists that harness their Qi can do super human things. From standing upside down with 1 finger, breaking a rock with the bear hand, bending a spear with their neck and many other achievements. They have been able to achieve this by years of Qi Gong practice and concentration, since they have becoming master of channelling their life force energy, Qi.



Qi Gong meditation can lead to enlightenment as by mastering the Qi Flow can make it flow upwards to the crown where the spirit resides and experience higher states of consciousness.

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